Database Approach

Organisation needs vital information to be successful in an agile world,this information is needed to gain a competitive advantage against it opponents. different levels in an organisation requires different data information’s.

Types of Database

Organisation choice of database will be totally dependent on the type of business engaged in ,the usage and the swiftly avail abilities of information gathered.


A sales retail organisation such as dealing in products and services will require an up to date information on sale,stocks,payments and supply purchases showing day to day operations.every transactions must be on record correctly and promptly.a database that is built mainly to help a business day to day operation is known as an operational database(on-line transaction processing(OLTP),TRANSACTION OR PRODUCTION DATABASE).

Data Governance Framework

decision diagram



Naturally,analytically databases consist of two key fundamental:a data warehouse and an online analytically processing(OLAP) front end.

Data warehouse

The data warehouse is a technical database which stores data in a configured optimized decision aid.


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