Fusion Table


1   Importing Data

The Raw Data used for the project was downloaded through the Irish population census 2011,CSO website.

2    Preparing files for analysis with the use of Excel

  •    The raw data from CSO was downloaded in to Excel sheet and filtered.
  •    The original data was inserted into 4 different columns and it was sorted to just 2 columns i.e. province and the total of each of the province     The raw data also contain North and South Tipperary population figures, these two were merge together into one single value for Tipperary and Dublin total number was used
  •        Instead of the areas under Dublin as shown in the raw data.


 3   The sorted data and kml file was then uploaded into fusion table through Google  drive.

 4 Visualizing

  • used the data to create map instantly and then filter for more selective visualizations


 5   used the data to create 2011 counties story in the data acquired

  • Achieved by Application of colors on selected data by making intensity map for the counties by the use of KML polygons.

6   Publish the visualization on http://opeyemi.dbsdataprojects.com/



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