Database Management System(DBMS)

“in a world where scientists have sequenced the three billion based pairs that make up human DNA,we take for granted the benefits brought to us by relational databases” Carlos Coronel(2013)

Making vital decisions to taking advantage of current opportunitie presented by the digital world,from which raw facts can be derived from, known as data.

Example of Raw Facts:

CCAFS Big Facts on coffee production in Latin America (facts not from the Working Paper) by Cecilia Schubert, CCAFS Communications Officer with theme Data & Tools and Linking Knowledge with Action.



Raw facts can be effectively and efficiently managed when stored in a database which can be stored,access and adjusted swiftly when required.

Having a good understanding of the features and benefits of filing systems is vital due to the fact that, this is usually the source of complex data management limitations.

data management pic



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Online;A look at how a changing climate will hit South and Central America: retrieved 23th July 2015.

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