Management Information System (MIS)

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IT issues are part of an organisation internal competitive advantage.the achievement of top management decisions mostly depends on data and information available.

This blog is about the developmental,policies and procedure of data management which entails managing information life cycle needed in an organisation in an effective manner.

Management Information System (MIS)

Management information systems involved user management in considering the information they used and how they used it.IS professionals had to find new techniques of information analysis such as data modelling entity analysis to find ways of organising and delivering information for effective management

MIS (Management Information Systems)” is the hardware and software systems within an enterprise that provide the information that management needs to run an enterprise” (Margaret Rouse, 2014).




MIS is used widely in different contexts as a decision support systems, resource and human capital management applications, project management and database management applications. MIS covers systems which are critical to the success and survival of the business



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